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Whitetail & Mule Deer

"White-tailed Deer" refers to the white underside of the tail, which is held conspicuously erect like a flag when the animal is alarmed or running. The adult White-tailed Deer has a bright, reddish brown summer coat and a duller grayish brown winter coat. White fur is located in a band behind the nose, in circles around the eyes, inside the ears, over the chin and throat, on the upper insides of the legs and beneath the tail. The young, called fawns, have reddish coats with white spots.

Adult males, called bucks, inhabiting the deserts tend to be smaller than their eastern relatives, which can weigh 300 pounds. Desert White-tailed bucks average about 200 pounds and stand about 3 1/2 feet high at the shoulders. As in most deer species, the females (does) are smaller, with an average weight of about 125 pounds.

Mule Deer have large ears that move constantly and independently, from whence they get their name, "Mule" or "Burro Deer." They do not run as other deer, but have a peculiar and distinctive bounding leap over distances up to 8 yards, with all 4 feet coming down together. In this fashion, they can reach a speed of 45 m.p.h. for short periods.

Mule Deer are active primarily in mornings, evenings and moonlit nights. This inactivity during the heat of the day is a behavioral adaptation to the desert environment that conserves water and keeps the body temperature within livable limits. Sweat glands and panting also provide evaporative cooling during hot periods.

During the middle of the day, the Mule Deer beds down in a cool, secluded place. The mature buck seems to prefer rocky ridges for bedding grounds, while the doe and fawn is more likely to bed down in the open.


Whitetail - Mule Deer


Rolling Plains Adventures:

Hunt South Central North Dakota for Whitetail Deer and Pheasant for $300/day. Package includes deluxe lodging, guide, and 10,000 + acres. *Discounts for larger groups


Antler Adventures:

Would you like to see 50 to 100 deer every sitting? Are you looking to harvest the deer of a lifetime? Archery and Rifle hunts starting at $2,500.


Big Game Outfitters:

Hunt big whitetail deer in eastern Manitoba. Nov. 6 - 8, you will be hunting the rut with muzzle loader, only 4 slots available, call Clint for details.


Weidner Ranch:

Want to go on a great South Dakota Deer hunt, here's your chance. $1,500 four day four night white tail hunt.


Garnos Ranch Hunts:

Hunt central South Dakota for BIG Whitetail and Mule Deer. This is a 5 day 6 night hunt for $3,000, check out the website to see the deer harvested in the past few years.

J Buck Hunts:

Hunting the south central part of South Dakota, hunters usually see 50 to 100 deer a day! When hunting in the RUT!!, stand hunting in the morning and spotting and stalking in the afternoon, your sure to have a great hunt!


Prairie Dog Lodge:

Located in the south central part of South Dakota, AKA (deer haven). Offering many packages, unguided to fully guided. Check us out!



Blackpipe Creek Ranch:

Hunt 7,200 acres in south western South Dakota for Mule & Whitetail Deer. Semi guided deer hunts start at $2,300 and fully guided hunts are $3,300.


Frying Pan Ranch Bunk House:

Hunt 4,000 acres in South Central Badland Region of South Dakota. 5 days/ 6 nights lodging semi guided archery deer hunts for whitetail or mule deer.starting at $1,500/per person. Stand hunting in the morning and spot & stalk in the afternoon.


Cheyenne River Ranch:

Get a guided 4 day hunt on 23,000 acres of prime river bottom, wooded draws, and prairie grasslands for $1,500 per hunter.  Lodging, meals, and transportation can be arranged.  Taking a limited number of hunters for the 2011 deer season.


Medicine Creek Ranch:

6 day/7 night hunt for $2,500, includes guided hunt on over 20,000 acres, lodging, meals, transportation to and from the field, and assistance with field dressing.


Deep Creek Outfitters Palmer Ranch:

5 day/6 night hunt for $3,250, includes guided hunt on 33,000 acres, lodging, meals, transportation to and from the field, and assistance with field dressing.  With the appropriate tag hunters can shoot a 2nd buck for just $2,400.  Archery hunts are $2,000 and the state archery deer tag is a guaranteed draw.

Smeenk Ranch:

3 day/4 night hunt for $2,500, includes guided hunt on 25,000 acres, lodging, meals, transportation to and from the field, and assistance with field dressing and caping.  Archery mule deer hunts are $2,000 and the state archery deer tag is a guaranteed draw.  Archery white-tail deer hunts are $1,500.

Folan Ranch:

Archery hunt big eastern South Dakota white-tail at Folan Ranch.  Archery tag is a guaranteed draw.  Please call for pricing and details.

4 Seasons Hunting Adventures

Rifle hunt for $4,000 for 4 days/5 nights of trophy deer hunting.  Package includes guide, lodging, meals, field dressing, and transportation to and from the field.  Archery hunts are $3,000 for 5 days/6 nights.

Williams Ranch:

Hunt 10,000 acres of the White River bottom in western South Dakota for trophy white-tail and mule deer.  Packages include lodging, meals, field transportation, and guiding on private ground for just $3,450.

Bolton Ranch Outfitters

Offering Archery, Rifle and Muzzle Loader hunting on 21,500 private acres your sure to have a great hunt!! Stand hunt in the mornings and evenings spot and stalk in the afternoon. Hunts start at $2,500 5 day 6 night all amenities included, call for details.

Castle Butte Lodge

Unguided archery hunts on 12,000 private acres, bring your own stands! 5 day 6 nights includes lodging $1,500!



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