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Male ring-necks feature a white ring around their neck and body plumage of gold, brown, green, purple, and white. The roosters head has blues, greens, and a distinctive red wattle. Females are much less showy with drab brown feathers.

Pheasants are birds that can be found alone or in small flocks. Typically, a mother hen and her flock will stay together until early autumn. While pheasants are able to fly fast for short distances, they prefer to run. If startled however, they will burst to the sky in a "flush." Their flight speed is 27 to 38 mph when cruising but when chased they can fly up to 60 mph.

Pheasants spend almost their entire life on the ground, rarely ever being seen in trees. They eat a wide variety of foods; including, insects, seeds and leaves.

Roosters typically have a harem of several females during spring mating season. Hen pheasants nest on the ground, producing a clutch of around ten eggs over a two to three week period in April to June. The incubation period is about 23–26 days.

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pheasant hunts

Pheasant Hunts

Dakota hunting trips offers many pheasant hunting packages. You will find South Dakota and North Dakota pheasant hunting lodges, guides, land, trespass hunting, unguided and guided hunts with dogs. South Dakota pheasant season opens the 3rd saturday in October to January 5th. North Dakota Pheasant season opens the second Saturday in October to January 5th.

Rolling Plains Adventures:

Wild pheasant hunts in central North Dakota for $200/day including deluxe lodging, guide, dogs and 10,000 + acres. *Discounts for larger groups.

Antler Adventures:

Experience the great South Dakota pheasant hunt near Mitchell. $200 day includes guide with dog, transportation to and from the field and field lunch. Other packages available also!

Nemec Ranch:

Hunt 15,000 private acres in the central part of South Dakota, for Pheasant, Sharp-tail Grouse, Coyote, Rabbit, Prairie Dog and Prairie Chicken. This is a guided hunt for $300 day per person. Include meals and lodging for $50 per person per day.

Weidner Ranch:

Hunt the Chinese Ringneck Pheasant on over 4,500 acres of outstanding habitat for $275 per gun per day. Included in this hunt is continental breakfast, lodging, guide, dog and field lunch.

Buckshot Pheasant Hunts LLC:

Hunt central South Dakota for wild ringneck Pheasants!! We offer fully guided pheasant hunts that include lodging, and dogs for $275 per day. Want to see thousands of wild pheasants a day?

Jim River Ranch:

Located in the north eastern part of South Dakota. Great pheasant packages available, contact us for discount rates, no reasonable offer will be refused!

Garnos Ranch Hunts:

If its pheasants you're after, pheasants are what the Garnos Ranch is all about! Hunt 15,000 acres in the central part of South Dakota. Hunts are $675 per day includes, meals, lodging, guiding, dogs, transportation to and from the field and much more.

Prairie Dog Lodge:

Shoot 6 wild birds a day!! $350 per person per day includes lodging, guide with dogs, and noon lunch. Bring plenty of shells!

Antler Adventures:

Hunt the south central part of South Dakota for pheasants, sharp-tail grouse and prairie chicken. $400 day includes lodging, meals, guide with dog, transportation to and from field and bird cleaning.

Prairie Dog Lodge:

Located in the south central part of South Dakota. Unguided sharp-tail and prairie Chicken hunts start at $200 day per person. This package also includes 6,000 private acres to hunt and lodging.

Todd Hofer:

With 10,000 acres to hunt you will see more wild pheasants than ever before. Unguided hunts starting at $175 per day, lodging available for $30 night and semi guided hunt for $200 day.

Jim River Ranch:

Hunt the north eastern part of South Dakota for the Wild Ringneck Pheasant. Check out the website for prices and packages!

J Buck Hunts:

Hunt central South Dakota, loads of wild birds. Watch your awesome dog work pheasants, sharp-tail grouse and prairie chicken. Hunts start at $200 day includes guide with dogs and thousands of acres to hunt.

Oak Wood Lakes Lodge

Be our guest in the deluxe lodge and hunt over 20,000 acres of prime South Dakota public land for just $100 per hunter per day.  It includes full use of the lodge, which includes a fully furnished kitchen, trap shooting range, heated game processing facility.  Meals and transportation are on your own. 

Medicine Creek Ranch:

Guided pheasant hunts with lodging, and supper meal each night start at $250/person/day.  Go on an unguided hunt for $175/person/day.


$200/person/day will get you access to 2,000 acres of prime, privately owned pheasant country, lodging, continental breakfast and lunch fixings.  Already have lodging, land access is $150 per person per day.

Folan Ranch:

Your genuine South Dakota pheasant hunt includes guide with dogs, lodging, all meals, and transportation to and from the field for $400 per person per day.  After November 20th the package is $250 per person per day.

4 Seasons Hunting Adventures

Hunt prime South Dakota pheasant land with 4 Season Hunting Adventures.  $450/person/day includes guide with dogs, lodging, meals, bird cleaning/freezing, and transportation to and from the field.

Burull Ranch

Hunt wild Ringneck Pheasants in the central part of south dakota for $200 per day per person. This package includes guide with dog, lodging can be added for $50.

Bolton Ranch Outfitters

Hunt South Central South Dakota on 17,000 private acres. Full package hunts 3 days 4 nights $1,300 per person. These are all wild birds!! Prairie Chickens and Sharp-tail Grouse are bonus birds.

Castle Butte Lodge:

Unguided pheasant hunts on 3,000 acres in SD and 9,000 acres in ND. On site lodging available, land access fee starting at $175 per person per day.