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Nemec Ranch

About Us

Nemec Ranch is located on the rugged plains in western South Dakota. We provide over 20,000 acres of privately owned farm and ranch land for your hunting enjoyment. Our hunting grounds are interlaced by miles of winding creeks and draws that provide excellent cover for upland game birds such as pheasant and grouse. Nemec Ranch is located approximately 15 minutes north of Midland, SD or about an hour drive southwest of the South Dakota state capitol of Pierre. We are now booking hunts for the current and future hunting seasons. Hunt for one day or multiple days, in groups from one to twelve people. Come join us for a great Nemec Experience!!

Land Available

20,000 acres of milo, food plots, sorghum, tree strips, grassland, shelter belts.

Game Offered

Pheasant: $300 per person per day. All wild birds! Shoot sharp-tail grouse and prairie chicken as bonus birds. This includes guiding with dogs, meals and field transportation.

Merriam Turkey: Call for availability

Deer: Call for availability

Prairie Dog: $300 per person per day, includes lodging, benches, bags and meals.

Coyote: $300 per day per person, includes guide, meals and lodging.

* Prices are subject to change, depending on time of year and group size.


We have a great B & B located on site. 4 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room with 2 bathrooms, spacious living room with satelite TV, gas grill and bird cleaning area.

Motel in Midland 15 miles away


On your own or at our B & B


On your own


Frank Little from Utah: 801-388-1668

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