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Weidner Ranch

About Us

The Weidner Ranch is a family operated working ranch located 16 miles SW of Winner, SD. We invite you to come and enjoy hunting deer, pheasants, turkey, grouse, and coyotes as you enjoy the outdoors and the South Dakota experience. We see deer almost daily running through the fields and pastures including large bucks with racks of 4, 5, & 6+ points on each side. We are a friendly, helpful family that contributes to your having a positive hunting trip on our ranch. There is a furnished trailer house for your lodging that has a full kitchen and separate beds for 10-12 hunters. We would love to share our hospitality with you.

Land Available

Weidner Ranch has over 5000 acres of diversified corn, cane, alfalfa, soybeans, sunflowers, etc. We also plant cover strips of milo & millet periodically through the fields that won't be harvested until after hunting season to provide wildlife with food & shelter. There are also fenced food plots that provide habitat year round. 

Game Offered

Pheasant: $275 per gun per day. Includes continental breakfast, lodging, guide, field lunch and dogs. Pheasant hunting on own with lodging is $225 per gun per day.

Grouse: $100 per day

Rifle Deer: $1500 four day four nights includes lodging. Only one group at a time, you will have access to 5,000 private acres.

Archery Deer: $500 for 5 days with lodging. Trophy fee of $50 per point applies. This is an unguided deer hunt; we will show you our property boundaries and excellent deer hunting areas. Bring your own stands or hunting blinds.

Turkey: $750 for 3 days/3 nights.  Includes private land access and lodging on site.  Shoot 2 turkeys.

Coyote: $50 trespass fee

Horseback riding also available

* Prices are subject to change, depending on time of year and group size.


Fully furnished trailer house, sleeps 12.


Cook your own meals, fully furnished kitchen.


To and From the Field.

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